Class Trivia from the 50th Reunion

1.   Who was born the furthest from MFHS? May Thomas (Glenn Thomas’s wife) was born in Thailand

2.   Who traveled the farthest to attend the reunion? Pat Smith and Terry Caldwell-California

3.   Who lives the closest to MFHS now? Mary Knight Finn-Parsons Ave. and 270? 

4.   Who has been married the longest? Marlene Wilson and George Paugh-50+ years

5.   Who was married most recently? Kurt and Pam Meyers-6 years

6.   Who has the most children? 7-Helen Daniels and William Shimp; Tom Crawford

7.   Who has the youngest child? 22-Dave and Betty Jackson

8.   Who has the most grandchildren? 18- Helen Daniels and William Shimp

9.   Who has the most great-grandchildren? 4- Helen Daniels and William Shimp

10. Who has the youngest grandchild or great-grandchild? Two days-Nancy Ford Collins

11. Who has the oldest living parent? 93? Helen Daniels Shimp

12. Name five MFHS teachers who are still alive. Mr. Hupp, Mr. Coontz, Mrs. Vlad, Mr. Shick, Mr. Weiss, Mr. Barritt

13. Which MFHS teacher had the biggest infuence on your life? Several responses including Hupp, Coldren, Weiss, Mrs. Maloney, Mowery

14. What was Mrs. Fetterman famous for? Sitting on her desk and crossing her legs

15. What teacher said he served under General Patton in WW 2? He added "way under”. Mr. Trimmer

16. Name people who served in Vietnam. Wilbert Longworth and Kjeld (Jerilyn Miller) Christensen

17. Who was in military service the most years? 25- Kjeld (Jerilyn Miller) Christensen

18. What teacher pulled the shades so we couldn't see the athletic fields during class? Miss Patterson

19. Name a teacher who let us listen to World Series games during class. Not sure

20. What were the colors of girls and boys gym suits? Girls-maroon. Boys-red shorts, white shirts

21. Name some people who went to Washington, DC with the band in 7th grade. Jerilyn Miller Christensen, Ron Leddy, Ray Keckley, Kurt Meyers, Diane Nippert and Dick Reese

22. Who was in the all-county or all-city band? Ron Leddy, Kurt Meyers, Anita Quick Wesney, Diane Nippert Reese

23. Who was an all-county or all-city athlete? Dan Hall-football, Dan (Kit Edwards) Dailey-basketball, Dick Reese-basketball

24. Name some homecoming queens. Vicki Hess Archibald, Pat Smith Caldwell

25. Name some majorettes. Vicki Hess Archibald, Gretchen Stimpfle, Jane Reese, Nancy Miller, Bonnie Althen, Connie Stoddard

26. Name some cheerleaders. Kit Edwards, Jan Steele, Sharon Kelly, Sandy Munn, Harriet Jackson, Linda Berger

27. What drive-ins did we visit on Friday nights? Burger Boy, Three Trees, Emil’s

28. Who popped and sold popcorn in the lobby during basketball games? Kurt Meyers and Edward Miller

29. What sent us home from school early one afternoon? Bomb scare

30. What tragedy happened while we were in the 7th Grade? Bus accident. Several classmates were on the bus including Jerilyn Miller Christensen, Ray Keckley, Jim Ryan, and Carol Scheiderer Adams

31. Who lent Irene glasses in the second grade so she could see better? Linda Kleinlein Dummit

32. Who was Popeye Darst? Janitor at Scioto Trail and MFHS

33. Who was the disc jockey who played for sock hops in the cafeteria after games? Gene Fullen

34. What was the only sport MF did not finish last in the first year we were in the city league? Baseball

35. Where was “the end of the world”? Around Courtright road. Was steep dip in road that resulted in car getting air bourne

36. What state did MF represent at the mock political conventions for the 1960 election at Capital University? Minnesota

37. Who weighs less than they did in high school? No one volunteered! Dan Hall said he only weighs 3 pounds more than he did in high school.

38. Who had the hottest car when we were in school? Don White-1957 Chevy

39. Who got in trouble for being on the roof at MFHS? John Solt, Gil Fuleki, Jerilyn Miller???

40. What was common “filler” in school lunches? Rice

41. Who got in trouble for having potluck lunches at MFHS? Ron Leddy, Ray Keckley, Dick Reese, John Solt, ????

42. Who often got deported to Siberia in Mr. Maloney’s POD class? John Solt

43. Who has really gone to Siberia? Kjeld (Jerilyn Miller) Christensen and Dick Reese

44. Who went to school together for 16 straight years? Jerilyn Miller Christensen, Carol Scheiderer Adam, and Dick Reese (Scioto Trail-MFHS-Miami U), several from grade schools and OSU.

45. Name some MF grads who have been school teachers.  Kit Edwards Dailey, Carol Scheiderer Adam, Jerilyn Miller Christenen, Pat Smith Caldwell, Joe Wesney, Nancy Leddy Butterworth, Vicki Hess Archibald, Gil Fuleki

46. Who has been a school teacher the longest? Joe Wesney

47. Who has been in the most foreign countries? 150- Kjeld (Jerilyn Miller) Christensen; 100-Jerilyn Miller Christensen

48. Who has lived in a foreign country? Several raised their hands.

49. Name some people who have been to China. Ron Leddy, Dick Reese, Kjeld and Jerilyn Miller Christenen, Terry (Pat Smith) Caldwell

50. Who has been a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or youth athletic coach or leader? Several raised their hands

51. Who has had both knees replaced? Ray Keckley, Ron Leddy, and John Solt

52. Who has had three knee replacement surgeries? Ray Keckley and Jim Ryan. Jim has had three surgeries on the same knee. Note that Ray and Jim had the same doctor.

53. Who has a boat? Several people raised their hands.

54. Who has attended Olympic Games? Pat Smith and Terry Caldwell, Diane Nippert and Dick Reese

55. Who has visited at least five national parks? Several raised their hands

56. Guys-raise your hand if you married a younger “trophy” wife. Over 20 guys raised their hands. Charles Russell claimed to have married three trophy wives.

57. Ladies-raise your hand if you married a younger “trophy” husband. About 5 ladies raised their hands.

58. Who has killed the most groundhogs with a 22 rifle? Gary Antle; Mary Knight Finn was runner-up

59. Who had a detention the last day of school before graduation? Helen Daniels Shimp, Carol White?

60. Whose pants caught fire in class? Ray Keckley

61. Who got in trouble for breaking in the school to play basketball? Ron Leddy and Joe Wesney

62. What was the name of the drivers ed teacher who wrecked the drivers ed car? Mr. Dent

63. Who still has the hat they wore to a classmate’s wedding 40+ years ago? Anita Quick Wesney

64. Who has worked for the same employer the longest? 43 years-Tom Crawford-independent contractor, Dan (Kit Edwards) Dailey-State Farm

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